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Total Recon

  • Remove the seats, cup holders, compartment liners and any other removable parts.

  • Blow debris from all vents, compartments and crevices with air compressor.
  • Vacuum thoroughly.
  • Clean the carpet, fabric and plastic surfaces.
  • Clean leather and vinyl surfaces, when necessary.
  • Steam clean the headliner, seats and carpet, when necessary.
  • Remove any stains.
  • Repair any holes, cuts, abrasions and worn or faded areas.
  • Dye the carpet and any other surfaces that may need recoloring.
  • Remove any odors
  • Apply interior surface protectant.
  • Clean the interior glass.
  • Remove any decals and/or pin stripes as requested.
  • Detail the exterior.
  • Perform the headlight restoration.
  • Touch up where necessary
  • Repair minor dents and creases.
  • Repair/replace pin stripes, if requested
  • Repair the windshield, if necessary.
  • Clean the exterior glass and apply protectant to the windshield.

Interior Recon

                      + Exterior Recon =

                                             $500.00 SAVINGS

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