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Total Detail

The Total Detail combines Interior Detail and Exterior Detail into one value packed package.

  • Perform a vehicle inspection.
  • Rinse the vehicle to remove any loose debris.
  • Clean and protect the engine.
  • Clean the wheels, tires and wheel welds.
  • Clean the door and trunk jambs.
  • Remove any surface contamination: bugs, tree sap, road tar, etc.
  • Thoroughly wash the vehicle.
  • Thoroughly rinse the vehicle.
  • Blackout the wheel welds with exterior plastic protectant.
  • Dry the vehicle and air purge water from the unexposed areas.


  • Bag any personal items and place in the trunk or cargo area.
  • Remove the seats (only when necessary), floor mats, cup holders, compartment liners, etc…
  • Air purge the interior surfaces to loosen and remove any large debris.
  • Clean the plastic, vinyl and leather surfaces.
  • Air purge again to remove any debris left after cleaning.
  • Thoroughly vacuum the headliner, sunvisors, seats, fabric door panels and carpet.
  • Shampoo and/or spot clean the headliner, sunvisors, seats, fabric door panels and carpet.
  • Sanitize and/or deodorize all of the interior surfaces.
  • Apply protectants to the plastic and fabric surfaces.
  • Condition the leather and vinyl surfaces.
  • Clean the inside of the glass.


  • Remove any remaining surface contamination using an clay bar.
  • Remove light to medium scratches using a high speed buffer and compound.
  • Apply cleaner/polish with a orbital polisher.
  • Apply wax/sealant (additional charges for sealant application) by hand.
  • Touch up any paint chips and remaining scratches.
  • Apply tire dressing.
  • Clean the outside of the glass.
  • Perform a final interior inspection and address any remaining defects.

The Total Detail does not include red dye stain removal, heavy scratches, severe road rash, heavy oxidation or heavy surface contamination. These services can be provided in conjuction with the Total Detail at a discounted rate. Contact us for more details.

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