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Basic Detail (Total Wash/Interior Detail)

  • Thoroughly rinse the vehicle.

  • Clean the engine bay.
  • Clean the wheels, tires and wheel welds.
  • Clean the door and trunk jambs.
  • Thoroughly wash the vehicle.
  • Bag any personal items and place in the trunk or cargo area.
  • Remove the seats (only when necessary), floor mats, cup holders, compartment liners, etc…
  • Air purge the interior surfaces to loosen and remove any large debris.
  • Clean the plastic, vinyl and leather surfaces with biodegradable cleanser.
  • Air purge again to remove any debris left after cleaning.
  • Thoroughly vacuum the headliner, sun visors, seats, fabric door panels and carpet.
  • Shampoo and/or spot clean the headliner, sun visors, seats, fabric door panel and carpet.
  • Sanitize and/or deodorize all of the interior surfaces.
  • Apply protectants to the plastic and fabric surfaces.
  • Condition the leather and vinyl surfaces.
  • Clean the glass.

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